Airport X-Ray Finds 109 Live Animals in Luggage; Authorities Detains Two Passengers

Thailand airport officials found 109 live animals from the luggage of two Indian women at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Nong Pure on Monday, June 27. Wildlife officials discovered various reptile, mammal, and rodent species were tucked inside two bags from the foreign passengers. In total, the luggage contained 50 lizards, 35 turtles, 20 snakes, two … Read more

Watch This Tough Bengal Cat Stare Down A Bear & Force It To Retreat

Bengal cats and Bengal tigers are two very different felines. But don’t tell Bengal kitty Tigger that. Though he’s of the domestic variety, inside his chest beats the fierce heart of a tiger! Though he’s a house kitty and not a jungle predator, Tigger prowls his territory like the biggest and boldest beast on the … Read more

Australian Shepherd Pup Can’t Help Falling In Love With Orphaned Kittens

Nathan, a dog dad from Canada, originally created the Tik Tok account “Tales of Arlo” (@TalesOfArlo) to share videos of his Australian Shepherd puppy Arlo. While Arlo’s still the main focus, the account also features some of the kittens Nathan fosters. Several litters of foster kittens have come through this household at various times, but … Read more

Giant Stingray in Cambodia Lands Guinness Record as Largest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught

A giant stingray, recorded as the largest freshwater fish, was caught on June 13, by fishermen in the Stung Treng region of northern Cambodia. The female Urogymnus polylepis giant freshwater stingray weighed about 300 kg and measured 3.98 m in length, tail included. The amazing fish, also called a whipray, was 2.2 meters long. Largest … Read more

Rainforest Chimpanzees in Uganda Learn Digging Wells to Filter Drinking Water

Apes in the Waibira community of East African chimpanzees in Uganda began digging small wells to access or filter drinking water, according to research from the Universities of Kent and St. Andrews. The team noted that in the animal kingdom, this is a fairly uncommon behavior. Well-Digger It is the first time the well-digging behavior … Read more

Rescue Pup Celebrates His Senior Years By Becoming “World’s Ugliest Dog”

The “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest had to be canceled the past two years due to the pandemic. But now, it’s back and more amusing than ever. Most people don’t like to think of their dogs as “ugly,” but these canines embrace their unique appearances while being great advocates for rescue dogs and abuse survivors. Mr. … Read more

Climate Change Aggravates Food Shortage Across the Globe, Affects Chocolate, Coffee, Chile

The impacts of climate change on food production are becoming more obvious as the southern California company Huy Fong Foods, which annually produces 20 million bottles of sriracha, has been experiencing a shortage of red jalapeno chili peppers. This shortage was made worse by the failure in the spring crop season brought on by adverse … Read more

Industrial Pollution: US Joins Ocean Panel to Work with World Leaders to Enforce Ocean Protection

Oceans were supposed to be safe haven for a multitude of aquatic life. However, various reports indicate that climate change and industrial pollution have led to the emergence of 700 dead zones worldwide. These areas can no longer support marine ecosystems, affecting marine life and people relying on oceans to make a living. The environmental … Read more