Atlantic System Possible to Become 2022’s First Hurricane: Tropical Storm Warnings Issued

Tropical storm warnings for multiple countries in the Southern Caribbean region have been issued by the United States’ National Hurricane Center (NHC), according to the latest update. This comes as a weather disturbance from Africa was seen hovering over the Atlantic and Caribbean over recent days. The looming threat raised concerns that it could potentially … Read more

Researchers Use Seismic Analysis to Separate Full Signals From Heavy Machinery in Underground Coal Mines

When heavy machinery is operating and induced seismicity is present, an active underground mine can be a seismically active location. Researchers have now shown how to extract and isolate the signals produced by mining activities from the local seismic background noise using data from a longwall coal mine. Using seismic noise analysis to monitor potential … Read more

Queensland Will Experience a Cloudy, Cold, and Rainy Weather for the Rest of the Week

After months of rainy weather, farms in the Lockyer Valley in southeast Queensland are just now beginning to dry up; thus, expectations for further rain this week’s end are causing some farmers anxiety. Due to an upper trough moving east through Queensland, the Bureau of Meteorology predicted that by the weekend there will be more … Read more

Airport X-Ray Finds 109 Live Animals in Luggage; Authorities Detains Two Passengers

Thailand airport officials found 109 live animals from the luggage of two Indian women at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Nong Pure on Monday, June 27. Wildlife officials discovered various reptile, mammal, and rodent species were tucked inside two bags from the foreign passengers. In total, the luggage contained 50 lizards, 35 turtles, 20 snakes, two … Read more

Giant Stingray in Cambodia Lands Guinness Record as Largest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught

A giant stingray, recorded as the largest freshwater fish, was caught on June 13, by fishermen in the Stung Treng region of northern Cambodia. The female Urogymnus polylepis giant freshwater stingray weighed about 300 kg and measured 3.98 m in length, tail included. The amazing fish, also called a whipray, was 2.2 meters long. Largest … Read more

Rainforest Chimpanzees in Uganda Learn Digging Wells to Filter Drinking Water

Apes in the Waibira community of East African chimpanzees in Uganda began digging small wells to access or filter drinking water, according to research from the Universities of Kent and St. Andrews. The team noted that in the animal kingdom, this is a fairly uncommon behavior. Well-Digger It is the first time the well-digging behavior … Read more

Climate Change Aggravates Food Shortage Across the Globe, Affects Chocolate, Coffee, Chile

The impacts of climate change on food production are becoming more obvious as the southern California company Huy Fong Foods, which annually produces 20 million bottles of sriracha, has been experiencing a shortage of red jalapeno chili peppers. This shortage was made worse by the failure in the spring crop season brought on by adverse … Read more

Industrial Pollution: US Joins Ocean Panel to Work with World Leaders to Enforce Ocean Protection

Oceans were supposed to be safe haven for a multitude of aquatic life. However, various reports indicate that climate change and industrial pollution have led to the emergence of 700 dead zones worldwide. These areas can no longer support marine ecosystems, affecting marine life and people relying on oceans to make a living. The environmental … Read more

Researchers Found Out a New Kind of Plastic That Is Made From a Biomass Waste

Plastics are typically strong, corrosive and chemical-resistant, small and light, and inexpensive materials, which really is great when they are being used but not quite so great when they end up in nature. Each year, at least 14 million metric tons of plastic make their way into the ocean, endangering both the ecosystem and biodiversity. … Read more

Secret Passageways Used by Ancient Andean Culture Opened for the 1st Time in 3000 Years

Researchers have discovered a network of subterranean corridors and halls beneath Peru’s ancient Chavn de Huántar structure. The Fist Discovery of Secret Passageways in 3,000 Years Live Science reported on the structure of rooms and corridors, according to the experts, was utilized in religious ceremonies, potentially incorporating hallucinogenic chemicals. It was the first period these … Read more