Mosquito Population Expected to Substantially Increase as Temperatures are Starting to Rise, Experts Say

As weather conditions begin to increase, biochemists predict an increase in mosquito vectors in western Washington as well as other portions of the Pacific Northwest. Rising Temperatures and Mosquito Population Increase Since there is so much moisture for hatching this springtime and summertime, mosquitoes may bother people far beyond normal. Biochemists also believe that the … Read more

30 Cows Come to the Rescue to Help Orphaned Seal Return Home

An orphaned seal pup named “Celebration” was only a few days old when her mother was separated from her in July. Her discovery on land was not made by humans, which makes for an unexpected and interesting occurrence. She was found by a herd of 30 cows who had gathered to watch the unexpected visitor. … Read more

Study Estimates Productivity of Mangrove Carbon Storage Using Remote Sensing Model

A model that has been created by researchers can calculate the mangrove forests’ overall production. A productivity model based on remote sensing that took tidal flood into account was created. The model was able to predict the productivity of mangrove forests in China with high accuracy, according to comparisons with carbon readings from carbon flux … Read more

5-Year-OId Child Dies After Being Left in a Car Amidst Extreme Texas Heat

On Monday, a 5-year-old kid died inside a hot automobile in Harris County, Texas, becoming the sixth youngster this year to die from the dangers of heat while locked in a vehicle. (Photo: Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images)CANADIAN, TX – JULY 28: Cattle rest at a watering hole in a pasture July 28, … Read more

Growing Sunspot Faces Earth, Second-Strongest Solar Flare Possible

A massive sunspot that has grown twice its size in just 24 hours is now facing Earth and may produce a solar flare. Sunspots are dark spots on the surface of the sun that are linked to powerful radiation bursts. Because they are cooler than other areas of the sun’s surface, they appear dark. Because … Read more

Viral: Clever Horse Named Sugar Fake Sleeping to Avoid Working

A picture of Sugar lying on her side in the grass, seemingly fake sleeping, can be seen in the original viral tweet by user Jim Rose. The account owner continues by claiming that Sugar detests being ridden and that if a saddle is brought up to the mare, she will lie down and pretend to … Read more

Scientists to Use Bionic Robo-fish to Remove Microplastics from the Ocean

Scientists are developing bionic robo-fish to clean microplastics from the waters. Tiny self-propelled robo-fish can swim around, grab on to free-floating microplastics, and repair themselves if they are harmed. (Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki / AFP via Getty Images) Developing the Robo-fish Scientists have created a small robot-fish that can remove microplastics from seas and oceans by … Read more

Drought-Driven Famine in Somalia One of the “Worst Humanitarian Crisis” Ever

Children are starving to death ‘right in front of our eyes,’ say relief workers, as G7 leaders warn that only massive and immediate financing can prevent famine. (Photo: Photo by YASUYOSHI CHIBA / AFP via Getty Images)An aerial veiw of the town of Baidoa, Somalia, on February 15, 2022. Insufficient rainfall since late 2020 has … Read more

As Wind Resources Around the World Declines, Wind Energy From Modern Wind Turbines Starts To Lose Efficiency

A large portion of the sustainable, low-CO2 transformation of the energy industry is due to wind energy. On the other hand, the effectiveness of wind turbines is determined by wind resources that are accessible, as well as their technical specifications. Through research and development efforts aimed at tackling environmental challenges, the Wind Energy Technologies Office … Read more

Melting Arctic Ice Could Transform New International Shipping Routes Reducing Carbon Footprint

According to research, melting Arctic Ocean ice might open up new trade channels on international seas, lowering shipping’s carbon footprint and undermining Russia’s authority over these routes. The future of the arctic ocean (Photo: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND / AFP via Getty Images) The future of the Arctic Ocean is bleak since global ocean temperatures are … Read more