Top 5 Breeds of Very Affectionate and Friendly Cats

One typical criticism leveled towards cats is that they aren’t loving, as per the spruce pets. While some felines are unconcerned with their owners, others enjoy social engagement with their favorite people. There are several friendly cat breeds that, while having strong social demands, lavish their owners with love and attention. These cats may also … Read more

‘Frankenchicken’ at the center of fight for animal welfare | Animal welfare

The Ross 308 is one of the most successful products in consumer history, with many tens of billions sold around the world over the last decade. With its own 15-page performance manual, low production costs and a bargain price for shoppers, it is marketed as the world’s most popular meat chicken. Owned by the global … Read more

University of Missouri Researchers Develop Process to Detect and Fight Lung Cancer Recurrence

Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is considered to be a deadly recurring disease. With a high mortality rate, NSCLC has been associated with lung cancer recurrence among previous patients with no cure in sight. The disease is also one of the leading cancer deaths in the United States over the years. However, a new groundbreaking … Read more

When we were young: what can cute baby animals teach us about aging? | Photography

They say not to work with babies or animals, but the photographer Gerrard Gethings chose to combine the two for his latest project, a series of portraits of young animals alongside their adult counterparts. Baby Animal Match was conceived as a memory card game, in which players are asked to pair duckling with duck, owlet … Read more

7 Disturbing Facts That Reveal the Mean Side of Dolphins

Dolphins are famous for their reputable behaviors and tame impressions. Aside from that, they are also “incredibly intelligent”, and had interacted with humans on almost a regular basis. However, many instances prove that dolphins can be more dangerous than you thought. Just like other species, they also tend to be appalled with their environment and … Read more

‘A sacred responsibility’: Yurok Tribe poised to return condors to the skies | California

Tucked among tall redwood trees in a remote part of northern California, four young California condors await their chance to take to the skies. The fluffy juveniles – housed in a facility where they playfully peck at each other and jump between perches – will help usher in a new era. Referred to as prey-go-neesh … Read more

Camouflaging Squid Caught on Cam in Japan, First Time to be Observed in Lab

While squids are known to change color underwater, it was a first to actually observe this behavior in a lab setting in Japan by a team of scientists from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. Thousands of color-changing cells called chromatophores, found in a wide range of animals including amphibians, fish, reptiles, … Read more

A ‘Canyon of Fire’ Erupted Out of the Sun’s Atmosphere

Powerful streams of magnetized solar wind were released in the sun’s surface on Sunday, April 3, potentially bringing more auroras to Earth later this week. The solar filament that escaped from a fiery canyon was said to be at least 12,400 miles (20,000 kilometers) deep and 10 times as long. According to LiveScience, the ‘canyon … Read more

There are Now 50,000 Known Species of Spiders Crawling the Earth

A new discovery of researchers has brought shock and awe to both academics and regular individuals here on earth. In an official media statement on early Wednesday, the World Spider Catalog (WSC) claimed that there seem to be a presently 50,000 distinct kinds of spiders roaming the Planet earth, and there might be a whole … Read more

Analysis of Genetic Material in the Ocean Identifies 5000 Previously Unknown Viruses

An investigation of mitochondrial DNA in the sea has uncovered large numbers of unrecognized RNA pathogens and an increased quantity of phyla; or natural families, of infections believed to emerge. Study of Genetic Materials in the Ocean As shown in a recent report issued in the journal Science, the most well-known RNA pathogens are those … Read more