Industrial Pollution: US Joins Ocean Panel to Work with World Leaders to Enforce Ocean Protection

Oceans were supposed to be safe haven for a multitude of aquatic life. However, various reports indicate that climate change and industrial pollution have led to the emergence of 700 dead zones worldwide. These areas can no longer support marine ecosystems, affecting marine life and people relying on oceans to make a living. The environmental … Read more

Researchers Found Out a New Kind of Plastic That Is Made From a Biomass Waste

Plastics are typically strong, corrosive and chemical-resistant, small and light, and inexpensive materials, which really is great when they are being used but not quite so great when they end up in nature. Each year, at least 14 million metric tons of plastic make their way into the ocean, endangering both the ecosystem and biodiversity. … Read more

Secret Passageways Used by Ancient Andean Culture Opened for the 1st Time in 3000 Years

Researchers have discovered a network of subterranean corridors and halls beneath Peru’s ancient Chavn de Huántar structure. The Fist Discovery of Secret Passageways in 3,000 Years Live Science reported on the structure of rooms and corridors, according to the experts, was utilized in religious ceremonies, potentially incorporating hallucinogenic chemicals. It was the first period these … Read more

Vet sector’s newest event tests a big hit

BVA Live proved to be a big hit with more than 1,000 veterinary professionals attending the inaugural event in Birmingham. Held from 23 to 24 June at the NEC, the sector’s newest event showcased a broad range of CPD, debates and discussions, as well as a lively exhibition featuring more than 100 companies. Hugely popular … Read more

An Innovative Method Detects a Nonvisual Traces of Fire That Has Been 800,000 Years Ago

One of the most powerful forces on Earth is fire. People’s use of fire is widely regarded as a distinguishing trait of intellect that sets us apart from other animals. In an article published today in PNAS, the scientists describe an advanced, novel method that they have formed and used to identify nonvisual trace amounts … Read more

New Jersey Faces Threat for Thunderstorms; Texas Has a Possibility for Rainfall

Monday will bring lower temperatures along with the possibility of sporadic thunderstorms that may carry heavy rainfall through this evening after a weekend in which temperatures in most of New Jersey exceeded 90 degrees. The National Weather Service predicts that a cold front will pass across the state in the late morning and early afternoon, … Read more

Trade deals and animal welfare – what’s the problem?

There has been considerable news coverage recently of the trade deals that the UK is starting to roll out following Brexit. And of the changes that these will mean for British consumers and producers. This is exemplified in the trade deal with Australia signed in December. Farmers have expressed varying degrees of concern over the extra-EU production standards – for animal welfare in particular – when compared to the current British ones.

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‘Pining’ For Family Who Dumped Him, Dog In A ‘Kill-Shelter’ Wept As They Passed Him By

Rescue stories always tug on our heartstrings. And this one sure tugged a little harder than others and you’ll understand as you watch the video of Blue’s rescue below. A dog is supposed to be part of a family’s life for the rest of its existence when it is adopted. Understood circumstances may arise, and … Read more

Several Earthquakes Rattle South Carolina This Weekend as Mysterious Swarm Continues

Numerous additional seismic activities rattled South Carolina this weekend, perplexing those who aren’t sure why the rattling mystery is still going around. Earthquake Swarms in South Carolina Throughout the previous seven quarters, thousands of seismic events have rocked South Carolina as part of this cluster. This weekend’s tremors have also occurred in Elgin, a modest … Read more