California Company That Illegally Leased Dogs Settles For $ 900k

Here at, our mantra is definitely “adopt, don’t shop.” Beyond the ethical concerns, purchasing dogs from breeders or pet stores comes with a host of other dangers. The most common problem associated with purchasing dogs is seller scams. A recent lawsuit brings to light a unique kind of dog buying scam: leasing. The Case … Read more

Twin Lemurs Are A Double Delight

Woburn Safari Park Welcomes Rare And Endangered Ring-tailed Lemur Twins! Keepers at Woburn Safari Park are ecstatic to have welcomed the arrival of rare ring-tailed lemur twins to proud parents Sambava and Berenty on 25th March 2022. The birth of these two new endangered additions comes just 6 days after another two separate lemur babies … Read more

The importance of sleep

As part of the professional studies portion of the course, we covered the acronym HALT: Hungry, Angry, Late / lonely and Tired – the four main recognized pillars of human error, which are thought to be the most common causes of mistakes made in practice . Of these four causes, I think tiredness is perhaps … Read more

Visualization of Storing Fats in Fruit Flies Has Been Done by Bioengineers

For the first time, researchers have visually tracked the timing and location of fat accumulation within intact fruit fly cells in high resolution. The new optical imaging tool developed by bioengineering Professor Lingyan Shi’s lab at the University of California San Diego is already being used to untangle the often discussed, yet mysterious, links between … Read more

Practices celebrate success at BestUKVet Awards 2022

An east midlands practice has scooped the gold award in a national awards program for the second year running. Cockburn Vets in Coalville, Leicestershire has been crowned Best UK Vet at the 10th BestUKVet Awards, organized by – and sponsored by SPVS and Elanco. With more than 600 outstanding reviews left online by its … Read more

A Swarm of Massive Sunspots Recently Visible Could Swallow Earth Whole

Two massive hives of sunspots have appeared on the sun’s atmosphere, raising the possibility of dramatic northern lights as well as extremely catastrophic solar flares in the upcoming weeks. Several solar flares are so massive that they could consume the entire planet. Clusters of Massive Sunspots at the Sun’s Surface The newest sunspot clusters, identified … Read more

Protected areas don’t always benefit wildlife, global study finds | Conservation

National parks and other protected areas have had mixed success in conserving wildlife, according to the largest ever global study of their effects. Using wetland bird data from 1,506 protected areas around the world, scientists analyzed the trends of more than 27,000 populations, and found that increased provision for the birds had not necessarily helped. … Read more

Nor’easter Update: Heavy Snow Hits New York and Pennsylvania, Leaving Thousands Without Power

A spring Nor’easter struck the Northeast US, notably affecting the states of New York and Pennsylvania. Hundreds of thousands of customers experienced power outages as the storm brings heavy snow, knocking out or damaging power lines, as well as leading to the closure of businesses and schools. Blackouts and Disruption (Photo: Photo by Michael Loccisano … Read more