Skin Mites! These Tiny Things are Born, Mate and Live on Our Hair and Face

Picture this – a microscopic organism spending its entire life cycle in your hair and face. Burrowed in your skin and follicles, it is born, it feeds, mates, and dies. To survive, these teeny tiny organisms called skin mites (Demodex folliculorum) rely on human skin, in fact most people have it, according to ScienceAlert. However, … Read more

Rare Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkey Born At Chester Zoo

One of the world’s most endangered primates has been born at Chester Zoo. The rare baby cotton-top tamarin monkey arrived to first time parents Treat (3) and Leo (5), measuring just 10cm from head to tail and weighing a mere 40g. Conservationists at the zoo say they are “overjoyed” at birth, with cotton-top tamarins listed … Read more

Jumping For Joy! ‘Miniature Kangaroo’ Joey Born At Chester Zoo

Conservationists at Chester Zoo are celebrating the birth of a rare ‘miniature kangaroo’. Zookeepers caught on camera the moment the new joey – a dusky pademelon – started to peek out from mum’s pouch for the very first time. MORE PHOTOS BELOW THE FOLD! The dusky pademelon is a species with a close likeness to … Read more

Spring Has Sprung at AquaZoo: Otters, Balearic Toads and Wallaby Joey Are Born!

Leeuwarden, April 10, 2022 – Spring has arrived at AquaZoo Leeuwarden. Two Asian small-clawed otters, Balearic toads and one Tammar wallaby were born in the zoo in Leeuwarden. The Asian small-clawed otter has a hard time in nature, partly because the habitat of these animals is being reduced due to deforestation. Small-clawed otters are also … Read more