Toxic Particles From Air Pollution Can Travel Directly to the Brain and Cause Damage

Atmosphere quality has an influence on more than just the airways and our cardiovascular system. Latest study shows that small microscopic pollution may potentially induce neurological injury, and experts claim they have now worked out how. Toxic Particles from Air Pollution According to the study which was posted under the Proceedings of the National Academy … Read more

Using a Portable Air Purifier Can Reduce the Impacts of Air Pollution in People’s Homes To Reduce Brain Abnormality

When you think about air pollution, you possibly don’t even visualize anything inside your house or place of business. Because we spend so much time indoors, cold weather, the quality of air in your home, car, and place of work must be as clean as possible. Unfortunately, we are the ones who bring the majority … Read more

Recent Study Shows that Social Isolation is Linked to Changes in Brain Structure

As shown in the cognitive neuroscience theory, the neural network has developed expressly to enable socialization. Experts Associate Brain Structure to Social Isolation According to research, participating in a club might greatly enhance happiness and overall contentment. However, countless individuals are unhappy and otherwise excluded from society. And, if the nervous system truly evolved for … Read more

Medical Mystery: Over 100 People Diagnosed with Brain Tumors at This New Jersey High School

Brain tumor cases spanning generations have become a subject of growing medical concerns at a New Jersey high school. Local authorities have launched an investigation to determine if there is a presence of potential radiation at the school’s premises linked to the mysterious intracranial tumor. Cancer Cluster Probe (Photo: FRED TANNEAU / AFP via Getty … Read more