Watch This Tough Bengal Cat Stare Down A Bear & Force It To Retreat

Bengal cats and Bengal tigers are two very different felines. But don’t tell Bengal kitty Tigger that. Though he’s of the domestic variety, inside his chest beats the fierce heart of a tiger! Though he’s a house kitty and not a jungle predator, Tigger prowls his territory like the biggest and boldest beast on the … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Reveals How Ben Affleck & Her Kid Teamed Up To Get Their Cat

Remember when we introduced you to Jennifer Lopez’s new kitten Hendrix in December 2021? Of course, you do! Who could forget a Devon Rex kitten so cute! Now, we’ve got a little more info about how the Hendrix came to join the family thanks to a Father’s Day tribute to fiancé Ben Affleck emailed to … Read more

Felines Want You To STOP The “Put An Ice Cube On Your Cat” TikTok Challenge

TikTok comes with all sorts of fun, including viral challenges that make everyone want to get involved. And lots of these challenges include things to try with your cat. But one new trend isn’t finding fans among many felines, and they want the challenge to stop! Known as the “put an ice cube on your … Read more

Tauranga Tabby Cat Found After Nearly Two Months In The Local Dump

A Tauranga, New Zealand, family experienced inexplicable sorrow during the month of May after their beloved house cat, Tim, went missing. Unbeknownst to his family, Tim the tabby cat snuck into the back of a truck that was transporting rubbish to the local dump. “As they were unloading the rubbish they saw something moving, and … Read more

Why does my cat have diarrhea?

Let’s talk about poo, shall we? Most pet owners, whether they want to be or not, are fairly knowledgeable about their animal’s pooping habits, and it can be a real concern when those change. It is natural to be concerned if your cat seems unwell, and it can be difficult to tell whether your cat needs veterinary treatment or not. Diarrhea is a distressing (and messy!) Symptom, but what causes it and when is it time to worry? Read on for more!

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Why should I feed an old cat a special diet?

As our cats enter their golden years their needs may change. They may appear to rest more, play less, adventure outside less and maybe even stop some of their favorite behaviors like hunting. And so too do their nutritional needs change.

Let’s explore why a change in your cat’s diet as they age, alongside advice from your veterinary team caring for your cat’s health as they age, might be a good idea.

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Meet The Phenomenal Finalists Of This Years National Cat Awards

This year’s National Cat Awards are a self-described “annual celebration of the companionship of cats.” Hosted by cat-loving companies Cats Protection and Feliway, the candidates for this year’s competition are some of the best kitties on the planet, and it’s easy to see why. There are four categories of the National Cat Awards: Cat Colleagues, … Read more

London Man Takes Supermarket To Court For Denying His Service Cat

A London man, Ian Fenn, is taking Sainsbury’s supermarket giant to court over what he believes to be a breach of the Equality Act of 2010. This law states that shop owners must provide “reasonable adjustments, so people with disabilities are not severely disadvantaged. ” And severely disadvantaged is exactly how Fenn’s interaction with a … Read more

Container-Loving Cat Receives Amazing Gift From His Humans

An adorable orange tabby named Oliver has earned his owner, Robin, over 100,000 followers on TikTok by sharing his hilarious, quirky antics. Robin rescued Oliver from the streets of Nashville when he was just a newborn – his eyes weren’t even open yet! Baby Oliver was very sick at the time of his rescue, and … Read more

Rescued Bengal Cat Needs Help Funding Her Life-Saving Cancer Surgery

Bengal cat Rose is only four-years-old, but she’s already known a lifetime of pain and sickness. Luckily, this “beautiful soul” also knows love and support thanks to the RSPCA Isle of Thanet branch. Rose came to RSPCA Thanet just a couple of months ago as a stray who’d once been used for breeding. And she … Read more