Hot Weather Scorches Central US While Alaska’s Wildfires in June Breaks Records

The Southern Plains, the Mississippi Valley, the Great Lakes, and the Deep South are all experiencing scorching temperatures for the third week in a row, which has affected most of the country. Heatwave in the central US (Photo: Lance King / Getty Images) 11 major cities set daily heat records to begin the week, … Read more

Central US Remains Under Persistent Second Wave of Heat Dome, Reaching 110 Degrees for the Week

Meteorologists predicted weather this week, saying that a massive heat dome will spin like a giant wheel across the central US, with the most persistent extreme temperatures centered over the southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley region. Extreme temperatures will reach well into the 90 to 100 degrees in many parts of the central US … Read more

Widespread Severe Weather Danger Is Predicted for the Central United States

According to AccuWeather meteorologists, a powerful storm will sweep from the Rockies to the Canada border on Friday and continue into Saturday over the central United States. The extreme weather will endanger numerous major cities in the Midwest. The storm’s enormous circulation will suck warm, moist air northward from the Gulf of Mexico, while powerful … Read more

Tropical Storm Agaton Makes Landfall in the Philippines, Continues to Wreak Havoc in Central and Southern Regions

Tropical Storm Agaton, internationally known as Tropical Storm Megi, made landfall in the Philippines, bringing heavy rain and strong winds. Although Megi has reportedly weakened based on the latest updates, the storm still poses a threat to the country’s major islands of Visayas and Mindanao. Tropical Storm Agaton (Photo: Photo by Ezra Acayan / Getty … Read more