Study: Fossil Dunes in Abu Dhabi is Created by Climate Change Dating 200,000 Years Ago

About an hour’s drive southeast of Abu Dhabi’s city limits, in the direction of the emirate’s barren deserts, is a landscape full of unexpected man-made structures. A stunning oasis-like wetland reserve was produced by a water treatment facility overspill in the Al Wathba area. More along carefully planted tree-lined roads, there is the bizarre sight … Read more

Biodegradable, Plant-Based Covering That May Be Sprinkled on Meals Has Been Created by Scientists

Food waste and safety are driving forces behind the need for better food packaging. Existing films / coatings that address these issues, on the other hand, are usually plagued by poor release dynamics that demand large amounts of active substances. A Rutgers scientist has designed a biodegradable, plant-based covering that can be sprayed on foods … Read more