Day 3 of Glastonbury Festival: Cloud Starts to Form and Mild Rainfall Will Start on Friday

Ensure you’re updated and ready for rain and sun before we venture into the throng on day three of the Glastonbury Festival, when the major stars start performing on the main stages. According to the Met Office’s forecast, Friday will begin overcast and moderate with occasional rain, notably across the moors. Around midday, it will … Read more

Dog Adoption is More than Playing All Day, Vet Costs, Training

Here are a few things, including vet costs, pet insurance, training, food, and treats, to think about and prepare for before processing for dog adoption. Vet Costs Adopting from a reputable organization saves money on vet bills because the dog’s health history and records are likely to be provided. They may also include spaying or … Read more

Just In Time For World Giraffe Day: Offspring Among The Giraffes At Tierpark Berlin

For about 15 months, a small giraffe grows up in her mother’s belly. When the time finally comes, the giraffe cow gives birth to its not so small offspring standing up. Now, almost just in time for World Giraffe Day on June 21, a small female giraffe has been born in Tierpark Berlin. Mother Amalka … Read more

Earth Day 2022: Celebrating the Planet Amidst Various Environmental Crisis

Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of our planet. It raises awareness about the environment and encourages conservation and long-term planning. Earth Day (Photo: Pixabay) Every year on April 22, around 1 billion people in over 190 countries take action to raise awareness of the climate problem and encourage behavioral change to safeguard the environment. … Read more

Google Features Gloomy Time-Lapse to Warn of Climate Crisis During Earth Day 2022

Google commemorates Earth Day by displaying time-lapse satellite photos of melting glaciers, receding snow cover, deforestation, and coral bleaching to remind viewers of humanity’s influence on the climate and ecosystem. Google Doodle (Photo: See more on Google Earth Courtesy of The Ocean Agency) The Google doodle for Earth Day 2022 contains four Gifs that will … Read more

Vet sector bodies share World Animal Vaccination Day messages

The importance of vaccines in animal health and welfare, as well as the development of new technologies to protect them further, was highlighted for 2022’s World Animal Vaccination Day. NOAH, the trade body representing most of the UK’s animal health firms, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and AnimalhealthEurope, which represents manufacturers and associations, all … Read more