386 Dogs Rescued from a Truck in China Going to a Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Wildlife conservation activists saved tons of dogs from a vehicle in China ZS that was transporting them to the extremely contentious Yulin dog meat “celebration.” 386 Dogs Rescued Activists claim the “trailer from purgatory” was hauling 386 canines in cramped circumstances when it was stopped by authorities in Shaanxi city on Sunday. Shaanxi is around … Read more

Rescuers Offer $ 2500 Reward In Horrific Case Of Memphis Dog Burned Alive

Earlier this week, members of a Memphis, Tennessee, neighborhood ran out into the streets to find an absolutely harrowing scene: a young dog, screaming in agony, running full-speed down the road on fire. Burning flames floating atop her body, neighbors ran to her rescue with garden hoses and buckets of pool water, attempting to put … Read more

Boom in UK dog fertility clinics raises welfare and ethics concerns | Veterinary medicine

Canine fertility clinics have boomed in the UK during the pandemic, experts have revealed, as calls grow for greater oversight of the industry. The clinics offer services ranging from artificial insemination to ultrasound scanning, semen analysis, progesterone testing and in some cases caesarean sections. Such clinics can be used to support good breeding, but their … Read more

Dog Escapes Pet Hotel And Travels 2 Miles To Ring His Own Doorbell

Choosing a safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation is crucial. However, even the most secure facilities cannot hold back some determined dogs. As soon as Jeremy and Sarah Henson left their dog, Dexter, at a Kansas pet hotel in February, the pup began planning his escape. After Jeremy and Sarah … Read more

Best Dog Insurance in NH for 2022

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? – We asked [33] Dog Owners and Here’s What They Said Pet insurance is “worth it” if you can afford the cost of insurance, but could not afford an emergency vet bill. However, the best plan is to only get a pet if you can afford vet care, & to … Read more