How good are supplements for diarrhea in dogs?

It is not nice to experience diarrhea in your canine friend and there can be many causes of diarrhea in your dog. As their owners, you will understandably want the diarrhea to stop as quickly as possible! Oral supplements including probiotics can help in these cases and this article will discuss what they are and how they work in supporting diarrhea patients.

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386 Dogs Rescued from a Truck in China Going to a Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Wildlife conservation activists saved tons of dogs from a vehicle in China ZS that was transporting them to the extremely contentious Yulin dog meat “celebration.” 386 Dogs Rescued Activists claim the “trailer from purgatory” was hauling 386 canines in cramped circumstances when it was stopped by authorities in Shaanxi city on Sunday. Shaanxi is around … Read more

Woman and Two Dogs Killed by a Lightning Strike in Southern California

A lady and two dogs were killed by lightning Wednesday morning in a location where over 500 lightning strikes were reported in one hour. (Photo: Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP via Getty Images) An Unfortunate Casualty Authorities claimed that a woman and two dogs were killed by lightning while on Wednesday morning on a … Read more

Freshpet Inc. Issues Pet Food Recall Due to Salmonella Risks to Dogs and Owners

Salmonella contamination poses a risk to dogs who consume the four-and-a-half-pound bag of Freshpet Select Fresh From The Kitchen Home Cooked Chicken Recipe as well as to anyone who handles the product. This has prompted the company concerned to issue a pet food recall. Company Announcement A single lot of Freshpet Select Fresh From The … Read more

Are home-prepared diets for dogs safe?

I often come across dogs who are on a home prepared diet. I have an interest in nutrition; so I read a lot about it, I look at the research available, I try to keep up to date with new evidence. So, when I am told that a dog is on a homemade diet, I stop and dig a little deeper. Anecdotally, what I often hear does not fill me with confidence… In fact, it often concerns me greatly as to the nutritional adequacy of the formulation chosen by owners.

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Research links raw meat diets to higher presence of bacteria

A study has found Salmonella and antibiotic ‑ resistant forms of Escherichia coli are more commonly present in dogs fed raw meat diets, compared to those that are not. Scientists from the University of Liverpool analyzed nearly 200 faecal samples for the study, which has been published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice. And … Read more

17 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike

We love our pups they are much that it hurts to think we could be doing something that our dogs dislike. Or that makes them uncomfortable, sad, or scared. They love us they are much in return that sometimes, they don’t make it obvious when we’re doing something they hate. Since they can’t tell us, … Read more

Woman Tries To Return Deceased Dog’s Food, But Receives Surprise Instead

When rescue dog Gus passed away unexpectedly, his mom Anna Brose was left with an empty heart and a full bag of dog food. Many people shared their condolences with Brose and her husband, but nothing seemed to cheer her up. Despite her sorrows, Brose knew she had to do something about the unopened bag … Read more

After losing our family dogs, we couldn’t bear more grief. Then Covid brought puppy love back into our lives | Maddie Thomas

Two years ago, when my family dog ​​died, it marked the end of an era. There were no scuttling feet and a sniff to greet me when I came home to visit and no companion for my parents to go on walks with. We have had a dog for as long as I can remember. … Read more