Drought-Driven Famine in Somalia One of the “Worst Humanitarian Crisis” Ever

Children are starving to death ‘right in front of our eyes,’ say relief workers, as G7 leaders warn that only massive and immediate financing can prevent famine. (Photo: Photo by YASUYOSHI CHIBA / AFP via Getty Images)An aerial veiw of the town of Baidoa, Somalia, on February 15, 2022. Insufficient rainfall since late 2020 has … Read more

Experts Raise Alarm as Lake Mead Water Level Drops to Near ‘Dead Pool’ Status

Lake Mead’s water levels are approaching dead pool levels. The nation’s largest reservoir reached 1,043.8 feet on Thursday, the lowest level since the lake was created in the 1930s. Lake Mead’s water levels fell to historic lows this week as the protracted drought worsened by climate change and growing water demands drove the reservoir closer … Read more

Worsening Climate Change Might Turn Texas Into Sonoran Desert, Officials Say

On Monday, Congressman Lloyd Doggett announced a $ 2 million project to better protect Texas rivers, aquifers, and lakes and figure out how to deal with dwindling water supplies. Rep. Doggett, (D) 35th District of Texas says that the state might be facing some serious challenges. This prompted the allocation of funds that will provide … Read more

Health Risks from Western Wildfires Spread Across the United States: Scientists Warn

Wildfires in the western United States have become a commonplace over the years. In fact, the drought-stricken region has witnessed frequent and devastating wildland fires affecting California and other areas, especially during the summer season. Some of these fires were previously blamed for causing widespread air pollution, and for posing health threats due to toxic … Read more

Italy’s Intense Drought Brings Old World War Shipwrecks to Emerge from the River

Alessio Bonin, an aspiring cinematographer, agreed to visit a wilderness area in Gualtieri, an Italian borough on the depositors of the Po River in Emilia-Romagna. The recession that had plagued the nation’s largest river throughout one of its harshest seasons showed no signs of abating. Italy’s River Suffering from Intense Drought The Po River comes … Read more

Utah’s Governor Warns New Drought Declaration of Emergency Is Coming

Utah governor Spencer Cox has warned that a fresh drought declaration of emergency is likely this year. On Monday, the governor suggested that an emergency declaration was likely during a formal bill signing event for water conservation laws. He stated that virtually the entire state of Utah is already under severe drought. Utah in drought … Read more

Drought Warning Issued for Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Drought has reportedly continued to affect the Intermountain West as of late April, resulting in the start of the annual spring snowmelt. As a result, US meteorologists have issued a new drought warning ranging from moderate to critical. The latest drought forecast confirmed previous empirical evidence that drought has worsened for more than a thousand … Read more

California and San Diego Experienced Severe Drought This April According to Weather Forecasters

Gary Beene, a third-generation San Joaquin Valley farmer, will plant barely half of his 1,200 acres this year. He may not have enough water for the second half of the bottle. They’re focusing on survival and getting through this year more than anything else, said Beene, who grows a tomato, almond, cotton, and garlic with … Read more

New Fire Weather Warning Issued for the Rocky Mountains, Surrounding Areas Until April 20: Three Wildfires Reported in Texas

Wildfires pose a threat once again to the Southwest US as weather authorities issued a new fire weather warning in the Rockies and its surrounding areas. In Texas, three separate wildfires have erupted over recent days, which highlights the risk of similar natural events in other areas across the region. Fire Weather Warning (Photo: Photo … Read more

Drought Conditions in the United States are Getting Worse

Drought conditions are worsening throughout wide sections of the United States, according to the latest Drought Monitor map released this week. While April began with strong rains in sections of the Midwest, South, and Southeast, which helped to alleviate drought conditions in those areas, drought conditions in the West and Hawaii worsened. Drought conditions are … Read more