A Massive Solar Flare Can Affect Everyone’s Electricity, Phones Even the Internet

The Sun is necessary for the life of plants and humans on Earth; however, this massive energy source has the potential to destroy all forms of technology on the planet, including the world’s greatest communication system. Major solar flare (Photo: NASA / Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images) Solar flares, which are quite massive … Read more

Scientists Found This Bacteria Can Produce Electricity from Methane: New Study

Methane is one of the primary greenhouse gases (GHG) that contributes to the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming. However, a bacterium has been discovered that can harness electricity from methane, as per a new study by microbiologists from the Radboud University (RU) in The Netherlands. Microorganism-Generating Electricity (Photo: Photo by JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP … Read more