Historic Yellowstone Flooding May Have Left Irreversible Damage to Montana

On Wednesday, officials reopened a portion of the iconic Yellowstone National Park. Still, people in one adjacent city are concerned that too much damage has been done to ensure a successful summer tourism season. The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary near Red Lodge, Montana, is a haven for creatures such as foxes, coyotes, and black bears who … Read more

Woman and Two Dogs Killed by a Lightning Strike in Southern California

A lady and two dogs were killed by lightning Wednesday morning in a location where over 500 lightning strikes were reported in one hour. (Photo: Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP via Getty Images) An Unfortunate Casualty Authorities claimed that a woman and two dogs were killed by lightning while on Wednesday morning on a … Read more

Power Companies Use Heat Wave as a ‘Super Bowl’ of Energy Use as Temperatures Could Reach Over 100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Power companies across the United States are reportedly planning to use the current heat wave or heat dome blanketing the country as a “Super Bowl” of energy use. This is despite earlier warnings that high temperatures during the US summer season could spark widespread power outages, mainly due to damaged power lines and power grid … Read more

Central US Remains Under Persistent Second Wave of Heat Dome, Reaching 110 Degrees for the Week

Meteorologists predicted weather this week, saying that a massive heat dome will spin like a giant wheel across the central US, with the most persistent extreme temperatures centered over the southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley region. Extreme temperatures will reach well into the 90 to 100 degrees in many parts of the central US … Read more

Powerful Storms to Bring Extreme Weather to Kansas

In AccuWeather’s annual spring prediction, April was highlighted as a month to watch for severe weather. The forecast is coming true with several rounds of severe thunderstorms over the central United States in the coming days. Weather Development (Photo: Photo by FEDERICO PARRA / AFP via Getty Images) Wednesday began with a few minor storms … Read more

UK Weather Forecast Indicates Nationwide Scorching Temperatures from Mid-Week

Scorching temperatures are in store for Great Britain as the latest UK weather forecast suggests that high pressure from Scandinavia is converting warmer weather. This came after record-breaking extreme heat in the UK during the Easter weekend that reached up to 23 degrees Celsius, the hottest day of the year. Warmer Weather (Photo: Photo by … Read more

New Fire Weather Warning Issued for the Rocky Mountains, Surrounding Areas Until April 20: Three Wildfires Reported in Texas

Wildfires pose a threat once again to the Southwest US as weather authorities issued a new fire weather warning in the Rockies and its surrounding areas. In Texas, three separate wildfires have erupted over recent days, which highlights the risk of similar natural events in other areas across the region. Fire Weather Warning (Photo: Photo … Read more

6-Year-Old Girl Found Dangling on Tree After Getting Picked Up by Tornado in Texas

After being picked up by a tornado and found dangling from a tree, a 6-year-old girl is in critical condition. Miriam Rios was severely injured when an EF-3 tornado with winds of 165 mph ripped through her family’s house in Texas. After an EF-3 tornado swept apart her family’s mobile home in Central Texas on … Read more

April Heatwave 2022: IMD Issues Forecast for Extreme Heat Across India

India will experience heatwaves in multiple areas across the country in April, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). Although heatwaves normally occur in India from March to June, their multi-hazard environmental repercussions are still natural hazards to monitor. Heatwave Forecast (Photo: Photo by DIBYANGSHU SARKAR / AFP via Getty Images) The IMD issued a … Read more

South Africa: Torrential Rain Causes Flash Floods and Landslides in KwaZulu-Natal Province

South Africa’s province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) has been battered by several days of torrential rain, causing massive flooding and mudslides. The record-breaking rainfall was caused by severe weather that struck the country after several months of relative calm. A number of residents took to social media to depict the horrific impact of the weather event, … Read more