Giant Stingray in Cambodia Lands Guinness Record as Largest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught

A giant stingray, recorded as the largest freshwater fish, was caught on June 13, by fishermen in the Stung Treng region of northern Cambodia. The female Urogymnus polylepis giant freshwater stingray weighed about 300 kg and measured 3.98 m in length, tail included. The amazing fish, also called a whipray, was 2.2 meters long. Largest … Read more

Robotic Fish That Sucks Microplastics from Waters Could Address Earth’s Growing Microplastic Pollution

Microplastic pollution is an emerging global threat affecting the environment, as very tiny plastic particles have been perceived to be found existing almost anywhere in the world, including in land, bodies of water, atmosphere, and even inside the human body. While there are still limited research on the impact of microplastics in human health, scientists … Read more

Fisherman in Cambodia Catches Largest Freshwater Fish Ever Hooked

A fisherman in northern Cambodia had captured a 661-pound fish, measuring about 13 feet in length, near a remote island on the Mekong River in the Stung Treng area. The 42-year-old fisherman named Moul Thun had accidentally hooked the giant fish near Koh Preah island in the Mekong River in northern Cambodia. A team of … Read more

Salmon firm’s plan to fly fish in its own Boeing 757 alarms campaigners | Fishing

A salmon farming company has bought a Boeing 757 in a race to get its fresh fish on the plates of diners in Manhattan in less than 24 hours. The Faroese firm Bakkafrost, which also owns the Scottish Salmon Company, argues it can cut its carbon footprint by flying its own jet across the Atlantic … Read more

Popular Fish will Become Less Common and Harder to Catch Due to Ocean Warming and Rising Sea Temperatures

Your favorite cod and chips could soon be off the menu as the warming waters kill off these popular fish species. According to a new study, warming waters will affect fish population and cause a huge species reshuffle. Due to rising sea temperatures, scientists predict fewer popular fish species will be available over the next … Read more

Unprecedented Reshuffling of Marine Ecosystems Possible Because of Ocean Warming

Ocean warming due to climate change has been evident in some parts of the world, especially in the waters of the ice continents of Antarctica and Arctic for almost 200 years. Previous research has suggested has failed to point out its effect on global marine food-web dynamics, as per a new study. To address the … Read more

Colorful Seadragons, Alien-like Fish With ‘Human Lip’ Found on Australian Beaches

Strange animals have washed ashore on Australian shores. Experts have been taken aback by the dead marine fish, which have been photographed along New South Wales’ seafronts. The weedy seadragons have been found in Cronulla, Malabar, and the Central Coast, and are considered to be 10 times more prevalent than regular wash-ups on the beaches. … Read more