First WTO deal on fishing subsidies hailed as historic despite ‘big holes’ | Fishing industry

After 20 years of failed negotiations, the World Trade Organization has secured a deal to curb harmful subsidies that contribute to overfishing. Conservationists and campaign groups welcomed last week’s agreement as historic, despite criticism of “big holes” in the agreement. The deal was first concluded in Geneva for all 164 member states of the WTO … Read more

Salmon firm’s plan to fly fish in its own Boeing 757 alarms campaigners | Fishing

A salmon farming company has bought a Boeing 757 in a race to get its fresh fish on the plates of diners in Manhattan in less than 24 hours. The Faroese firm Bakkafrost, which also owns the Scottish Salmon Company, argues it can cut its carbon footprint by flying its own jet across the Atlantic … Read more

Seagrass Meadows: A Fishing Ground as a Reliable Source of Food to Fishermen in Poor Countries

According to a new study, seagrass fisheries provide a trustworthy safety net for disadvantaged people because fishermen believe certain environments can sustain significant fish yields over time. Surprisingly, these meadows offer much more so than small-scale fisheries like coral reef fisheries. Seagrass meadows used for fishing ground (Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images) Seagrass … Read more