A Massive Solar Flare Can Affect Everyone’s Electricity, Phones Even the Internet

The Sun is necessary for the life of plants and humans on Earth; however, this massive energy source has the potential to destroy all forms of technology on the planet, including the world’s greatest communication system. Major solar flare (Photo: NASA / Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images) Solar flares, which are quite massive … Read more

Massive Sunspot Could Potentially Fire a Powerful Solar Flare Towards Earth

Sunspots are known for their presence on the Sun’s surface as circular or planet-size regions. Their size varies depending on the region, with some smaller or larger than the others. In the latest space developments, a giant sunspot facing Earth has been detected. The sunspot is known as AR3038 and is reportedly being monitored by … Read more

Solar Storm Alert: Sun Releases Strongest Solar Flare in Almost Five Years; Geomagnetic Storm Causes Radio Blackout

The latest solar flare is just a manifestation of a reportedly looming catastrophic solar storm of our time. The Sun just released its strongest solar flare ever recorded since 2017. The explosion was massive enough to release a geomagnetic storm that resulted in a reported radio blackout over recent days. Strongest Solar Flare (Photo: Photo … Read more

Can a Solar Flare Be Powerful Enough to Wipe Out All Life on Earth?

Solar flares coincide yet are part of our Sun’s recurring 11-year cycle, divided into the minimum and maximum phases. Depending on the phase, the occurrence of solar activities such as solar storms mostly triggers the rate of solar flares. A manifestation of an explosive solar storm in our solar system’s only star, solar flares have … Read more