Solar Winds Traveling at Millions of Miles Per Hour Could Hit Earth in the Coming Hours

Solar winds traveling in space at the speed of millions of miles per hour may hit Earth in the coming hours, placing both satellites and power grids at risk. The solar outburst came as a result of a solar storm from the Sun recently, highlighting the continued increased activity within the current Solar Cycle 25. … Read more

A Massive Solar Flare Can Affect Everyone’s Electricity, Phones Even the Internet

The Sun is necessary for the life of plants and humans on Earth; however, this massive energy source has the potential to destroy all forms of technology on the planet, including the world’s greatest communication system. Major solar flare (Photo: NASA / Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images) Solar flares, which are quite massive … Read more

Solar Storm Alert: Sun Releases Strongest Solar Flare in Almost Five Years; Geomagnetic Storm Causes Radio Blackout

The latest solar flare is just a manifestation of a reportedly looming catastrophic solar storm of our time. The Sun just released its strongest solar flare ever recorded since 2017. The explosion was massive enough to release a geomagnetic storm that resulted in a reported radio blackout over recent days. Strongest Solar Flare (Photo: Photo … Read more

Can a Solar Flare Be Powerful Enough to Wipe Out All Life on Earth?

Solar flares coincide yet are part of our Sun’s recurring 11-year cycle, divided into the minimum and maximum phases. Depending on the phase, the occurrence of solar activities such as solar storms mostly triggers the rate of solar flares. A manifestation of an explosive solar storm in our solar system’s only star, solar flares have … Read more

Solar Storm Warning: Sun Releases Plasma from ‘Dead Sunspot’ Towards Earth, Geomagnetic Storm Impact Expected

The Sun released a plasma from the dead sunspot following a solar storm that reportedly caused the mass emission of solar material headed towards the direction of Earth. As a result, a geomagnetic storm is expected to impact the planet. The ‘Corpse’ of a Sunspot (Photo: Photo credit should read HO / AFP via Getty … Read more