Summer Heat to Persist in the West Coast; Flash Flooding Threat Continues in the Southwest US and Rockies

Weather in the United States indicates the persistence of summer heat in the Western US and monsoonal moisture across the Southwest US and southern parts of the Rock Mountains as of Monday, June 27, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The weather conditions could continue in the coming days based on the latest weather … Read more

5-Year-OId Child Dies After Being Left in a Car Amidst Extreme Texas Heat

On Monday, a 5-year-old kid died inside a hot automobile in Harris County, Texas, becoming the sixth youngster this year to die from the dangers of heat while locked in a vehicle. (Photo: Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images)CANADIAN, TX – JULY 28: Cattle rest at a watering hole in a pasture July 28, … Read more

‘Dangerous Heat Wave’ to Grip the Southern US This Weekend, Excessive Heat Warnings in Place: NWS

Extreme heat continues to put several areas in Central US, the Eastern Seaboard, and Southern US into a standstill. The National Weather Service (NWS) called the weather phenomenon as a “dangerous heat wave,” paving the way for the issuance of excessive heat warnings in a number of locations, including from Georgia, Florida, and to Texas. … Read more

Experts Raise Alarm as Lake Mead Water Level Drops to Near ‘Dead Pool’ Status

Lake Mead’s water levels are approaching dead pool levels. The nation’s largest reservoir reached 1,043.8 feet on Thursday, the lowest level since the lake was created in the 1930s. Lake Mead’s water levels fell to historic lows this week as the protracted drought worsened by climate change and growing water demands drove the reservoir closer … Read more

Heat Wave to Hit the Midwest and Southern United States Next Week, Reaching 100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Heat wave will engulf the Midwest and the Southern United States next week as temperatures could reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, according to the latest US weather forecast. Cities such as St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; and Raleigh, North Carolina are one of the areas most at risk from scorching temperatures. US … Read more

Heat Dome to Put Millions of People Under High Temperatures Across the United States

A heat dome has been forecast to bring scorching temperatures across the Central United States in the coming week, according to US meteorologists. The heat wave is expected to move into the East Coast in the coming days, while residents are still recovering from recent record-breaking heat across the region and other areas nationwide. The … Read more

47 Cats Trapped and Living in a Hot Car Under Sweltering Heat Rescued in Minnesota

Cats were found trapped and alive inside a hot car under scorching temperatures at a rest stop in eastern Minnesota last week. Rescuers were able to retrieve 47 cats and their owner who was responsible for forcing the cats to live with him inside the vehicle within an unspecified amount of time. There were no … Read more

Power Companies Use Heat Wave as a ‘Super Bowl’ of Energy Use as Temperatures Could Reach Over 100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Power companies across the United States are reportedly planning to use the current heat wave or heat dome blanketing the country as a “Super Bowl” of energy use. This is despite earlier warnings that high temperatures during the US summer season could spark widespread power outages, mainly due to damaged power lines and power grid … Read more

Central US Remains Under Persistent Second Wave of Heat Dome, Reaching 110 Degrees for the Week

Meteorologists predicted weather this week, saying that a massive heat dome will spin like a giant wheel across the central US, with the most persistent extreme temperatures centered over the southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley region. Extreme temperatures will reach well into the 90 to 100 degrees in many parts of the central US … Read more

Smaller Bees? Climate Crisis Could Bring Some Species with Lower Heat Tolerance in Danger

Researchers warn that climate crisis could lead to a potential “cascading effect” on plant pollination and the ecosystem as a whole. They believe that a large number of bumblebees, leafcutters and mason bees, among others, will decline as temperature rises. Larger species of bees like bumblebees have low heat tolerance, which makes their population susceptible … Read more