Seasonal Floods Has Affected Millions of People in Bangladesh and India

Flooding has affected four million people in northeastern Bangladesh, according to Dr. Enamur Rahman, the country’s State Minister for Disaster Management. With significant rain expected in the next 24 hours, the situation could quickly deteriorate. On Sunday, Rahman informed CNN that at least two people had died in Bangladesh due to floods. According to news … Read more

Your Worst Nightmare: 10 Strangest Things Discovered Growing Inside a Human Body!

Over the decades, scientific advancements in the field of medicine have allowed doctors worldwide to further examine and study the human body. One of these feats is the ability of medical practitioners to look inside the human body. This milestone has also allowed the discovery of small objects and even parasites inside our anatomy. These … Read more

April Heatwave 2022: IMD Issues Forecast for Extreme Heat Across India

India will experience heatwaves in multiple areas across the country in April, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). Although heatwaves normally occur in India from March to June, their multi-hazard environmental repercussions are still natural hazards to monitor. Heatwave Forecast (Photo: Photo by DIBYANGSHU SARKAR / AFP via Getty Images) The IMD issued a … Read more