“Earth is Alive” – ​​Viral Footage Shows Creepy ‘Gates of Hell’ in Underwater Volcano

During an underwater volcano exploration, volcanic chimneys that resemble the “gates of hell” were captured on camera by divers for the UNESCO 1Ocean Expedition. 1Ocean Expedition Alexis Rosenfeld, an explorer and photographer, captured footage of a volcanic island just off the coast of Panarea, which is close to Sicily in Italy. The footage was taken … Read more

Italy’s Intense Drought Brings Old World War Shipwrecks to Emerge from the River

Alessio Bonin, an aspiring cinematographer, agreed to visit a wilderness area in Gualtieri, an Italian borough on the depositors of the Po River in Emilia-Romagna. The recession that had plagued the nation’s largest river throughout one of its harshest seasons showed no signs of abating. Italy’s River Suffering from Intense Drought The Po River comes … Read more