Man Breaks Down Neighbor’s Door To Rescue Dog From Burning Home

Some neighbors are kind enough to let you borrow their tools when you need them, but others are willing to risk their lives to save your dog. The latter is true dedication! A neighbor that kind seems like something out of a fiction story, but Mike Richter recently proved that selfless people like that exist. … Read more

Giant Alligator Kills Man at a Private Golf Community in South Carolina

An 11-foot alligator attacked and killed a man, dragging him into a retention pond at a private golf community in South Carolina on Friday, June 24. The victim, whose body was recovered from the pond, was a member of the Myrtle Beach yacht club community. Local authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident, which … Read more

Large Alligator Snapping Turtle Hooked, Returned to Lake Cherokee by Texas Man

An enormous alligator snapping turtle, estimated to weigh 200 pounds, was reeled in by a fisherman on a fishing trip to Lake Cherokee in East Texas. The fisherman who caught the behemoth turtle, Justin Broomhall, initially had no idea that it was a protected species in Texas, so he later released it back into the … Read more

London Man Takes Supermarket To Court For Denying His Service Cat

A London man, Ian Fenn, is taking Sainsbury’s supermarket giant to court over what he believes to be a breach of the Equality Act of 2010. This law states that shop owners must provide “reasonable adjustments, so people with disabilities are not severely disadvantaged. ” And severely disadvantaged is exactly how Fenn’s interaction with a … Read more

Florida Man Spends His Retirement Trapping Over 100 Invasive Tegu Lizards

A Florida man Sid Pennington has spent his retirement days single-handedly trapping the invasive species of Argentine black and white tegu lizards west of the city of Fort Pierce, Florida. The 60-year-old retiree considers himself as a reptile guy and enjoys his time capturing the reptiles. Wildlife Hobby (Photo: JOAQUIN SARMIENTO / AFP via Getty … Read more

Disabled Man Finally Reunites With Service Dog After Woman Refused To Give Him Back

An outrageous story that recently went viral just got a happy ending! David Guindon, a resident of San Bernardino, California suffered a heart attack and stroke six years ago, which left him disabled, bound to a wheelchair, and in need of a service animal. In 2014, he adopted and bonded with Zeus, a Husky who … Read more

Arizona Man Accused of Freezing Almost 200 Animals Inside a Garage Freezer

A man in Arizona, United States, is facing charges of animal cruelty after being found to possess almost 200 animals, including dead birds, dogs, rabbits, and other species, in his garage freezer. Local authorities believe some of the animals died from freezing while they were alive. Frozen to Death (Photo: Photo by Stephen Chernin / … Read more