A Massive Solar Flare Can Affect Everyone’s Electricity, Phones Even the Internet

The Sun is necessary for the life of plants and humans on Earth; however, this massive energy source has the potential to destroy all forms of technology on the planet, including the world’s greatest communication system. Major solar flare (Photo: NASA / Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images) Solar flares, which are quite massive … Read more

Massive Sunspot Could Potentially Fire a Powerful Solar Flare Towards Earth

Sunspots are known for their presence on the Sun’s surface as circular or planet-size regions. Their size varies depending on the region, with some smaller or larger than the others. In the latest space developments, a giant sunspot facing Earth has been detected. The sunspot is known as AR3038 and is reportedly being monitored by … Read more

Uzbekistan: Massive Floods and Landslides due to Heavy Rain Kill Multiple People

Uzbekistan is ravaged again by deadly floods and mudflows following heavy rain, causing several casualties and widespread damage. Latest reports suggested that the amount of rainfall that occurred in just two hours was equivalent to a month’s worth of downpour. The country is still recovering following related natural hazards over the past two years, which … Read more

Hunt for Fallen Meteorite: A Massive Fireball was Seen Falling Over the West of England

Scientists are currently on a hunt for a fallen meteorite after a massive fireball was seen streaking over the west of England last Wednesday night. According to the Daily Mail, fragments of the meteorite may have landed south of the market town of Shrewsbury. The scientists from the UK Fireball Alliance (UKFAll) have spent the … Read more

Massive Pregnant Hammerhead Shark Found in a Beach

Beachgoers were taken aback when a pregnant hammerhead shark washed up on the sand as they were having fun. (Photo: Davide Clode on Pixabay) = SHARK !!! The shark, which weighed a massive 222.26 kgg, was discovered dead earlier this month at Pompano Beach, Florida. As construction employees using heavy equipment retrieved the 11-foot predator’s … Read more

A Swarm of Massive Sunspots Recently Visible Could Swallow Earth Whole

Two massive hives of sunspots have appeared on the sun’s atmosphere, raising the possibility of dramatic northern lights as well as extremely catastrophic solar flares in the upcoming weeks. Several solar flares are so massive that they could consume the entire planet. Clusters of Massive Sunspots at the Sun’s Surface The newest sunspot clusters, identified … Read more

Massive Dust Storm in Iraq Causes Dozens of People to Be Hospitalized Due to Respiratory Problems

Iraq has been swept by a gigantic dust storm for several days. The storm has already brought dozens of people into the hospital due to respiratory health hazards. The sand storm also caused the disruption of flights, including cancellations, serving the city of Erbil in the autonomous Kurdistan region. A Product of Worsening Climate (Photo: … Read more

Severe Weather Outbreak: Massive Blizzard to Possibly Hit Continental US, Threatening Millions

A multi-day severe weather outbreak will hit the continental US again as a growing severe storm is looming this week. However, it will be different this time as a historic blizzard will affect multiple parts of the country that has never been hit in the past three weeks. Wider Storm Coverage (Photo: Photo by KEREM … Read more