Heat Dome to Put Millions of People Under High Temperatures Across the United States

A heat dome has been forecast to bring scorching temperatures across the Central United States in the coming week, according to US meteorologists. The heat wave is expected to move into the East Coast in the coming days, while residents are still recovering from recent record-breaking heat across the region and other areas nationwide. The … Read more

Solar Winds Traveling at Millions of Miles Per Hour Could Hit Earth in the Coming Hours

Solar winds traveling in space at the speed of millions of miles per hour may hit Earth in the coming hours, placing both satellites and power grids at risk. The solar outburst came as a result of a solar storm from the Sun recently, highlighting the continued increased activity within the current Solar Cycle 25. … Read more

Seasonal Floods Has Affected Millions of People in Bangladesh and India

Flooding has affected four million people in northeastern Bangladesh, according to Dr. Enamur Rahman, the country’s State Minister for Disaster Management. With significant rain expected in the next 24 hours, the situation could quickly deteriorate. On Sunday, Rahman informed CNN that at least two people had died in Bangladesh due to floods. According to news … Read more

Spanish Police Seizes Millions Worth of Stuffed Endangered Animals

After a warehouse in Valencia was discovered to hold stuffed rhinos, polar bears, elephants, and other creatures, police in Spain confiscated one of the greatest hauls of taxidermy animals in Europe as part of an investigation into possible smuggling. (Photo: Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images) A Shocking Discovery On Wednesday, the Civil Guard … Read more

Severe Weather Outbreak: Massive Blizzard to Possibly Hit Continental US, Threatening Millions

A multi-day severe weather outbreak will hit the continental US again as a growing severe storm is looming this week. However, it will be different this time as a historic blizzard will affect multiple parts of the country that has never been hit in the past three weeks. Wider Storm Coverage (Photo: Photo by KEREM … Read more