430-Million-Year-Old Charcoal Deposits Reveal the Oldest Wildfires on Record

Researchers have traced the earliest forest fire yet discovered, with 430-million-year-old charred residues discovered in Wales and Poland. The evidences provide significant information on the existence in Earth throughout the Silurian epoch. Oldest Wildfires Discovered Through Charcoal Deposits Organic matter might well have relied greatly on freshwater to proliferate earlier too and therefore had quite … Read more

Scientists Claim These Microfossils Could Indicate Earth’s Oldest Life

Microfossils from billions of years ago discovered in what is now Canada suggests it may be Earth’s oldest life, as per a new study. If proven to be the oldest fossils, the discovery may change our understanding that life as we know it may have developed earlier than previously thought. Oldest Fossils (Photo: Photo by … Read more