Rare Orchid Rediscovered 120 Years After Supposed Extinction

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s botanists confirmed they rediscovered a rare orchid that had been thought to be extinct in the state since 1902, exactly 120 years ago. It is astounding, according to Bob Popp, a botanist with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, to find a live population of a species that has … Read more

Rare Planetary Alignment to be Impressively Visible This Week

This week’s stunning sky has five celestial bodies marching through the morning light horizon. This Week’s Rare Planetary Alignment During the beginning of June, this unusual astronomical configuration has so far been observable. However, the spectacle ought to be especially spectacular this week, when Mercury is at its brightest as well as the declining crescent … Read more

Rare Discovery: Archaeological Excavation in Pompeii Unearths Remains of Pregnant Tortoise

A pregnant tortoise was discovered during a Pompeii excavation. When Mount Vesuvius erupted, the animal was supposed to be looking for a spot to lay eggs amid the wreckage of a quake-damaged dwelling. (Photo: Image from Jebulon) Finding the Remains Archaeologists uncovered the bones of a pregnant tortoise who took a safety in the rubble … Read more

Rare Megamouth Shark Washed Ashore in Philippine Coastal Village

On June 11, local fishermen in Gubat, Sorsogon, found the megamouth shark, a deepwater fish, dead in seclusion on the coasts of Sorsogon, Philippines. The cause of death is still unknown, according to Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) officials. Nonie Enolva, Chief of Fisheries Resource Management Section for BFAR, pointed out that she … Read more

Rare birds’ arrival an ‘unmissable sign’ climate emergency has reached Britain | Birds

Rainbow-hued bee-eaters breeding on the Norfolk coast this summer and three rare black-winged stilts fledglings in Yorkshire are an “unmissable sign” that the nature and climate emergency has reached Britain, according to conservationists. Birdwatchers are flocking to north-east Norfolk to see the European bee-eaters, a colorful rare visitor from Africa and southern Europe, after seven … Read more

New Jersey Experiences Rare Wildfire Reaching 12,000 Acres; Road Closures Reported

A wildfire is ongoing in southern New Jersey and has grown in size as of Monday evening, June 20. The so-called Wharton State Forest fire has reached at least 12,000 acres, affecting several townships in the state, such as Hammonton, Mullica, Shamong, and Washington. Local authorities are reportedly gaining momentum in containing the New Jersey … Read more

Rare Tick-Borne Virus Kills a Resident in Maine

As per medical experts, an individual in Maine perished as a result of an illness with an uncommon tick-borne disease. The Rare Tick-Borne Virus The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed on Wednesday, the 20thth of April that a citizen of Waldo District, in south-central Maine, reportedly perished from Powassan infection. In a … Read more

Uganda: Security Forces Arrest Alleged Smuggler over Possession of 122 Rare Parrots

Ugandan security forces have detained Congolese national after being accused of the unauthorized transport of 122 African gray parrots (Psittacus Erithacus) in the Kisoro town of Western Region, Uganda. The parrots were crammed inside small cages when he was confronted by the local officials. Joint Security Operation (Photo: LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA / AFP via Getty Images) … Read more

New Study Reveals This Rare Soil Microbe Can Serve as a Potential Antibiotic

Microbes, such as bacteria, are a vast species of organisms that are only detectable to the human eye by using a microscope. However, various researchers have shown in the past that these microorganisms are capable of influencing not only biological processes but also the environment. In a new study, scientists from the Washington University in … Read more

Rare Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkey Born At Chester Zoo

One of the world’s most endangered primates has been born at Chester Zoo. The rare baby cotton-top tamarin monkey arrived to first time parents Treat (3) and Leo (5), measuring just 10cm from head to tail and weighing a mere 40g. Conservationists at the zoo say they are “overjoyed” at birth, with cotton-top tamarins listed … Read more