Woman Tries To Return Deceased Dog’s Food, But Receives Surprise Instead

When rescue dog Gus passed away unexpectedly, his mom Anna Brose was left with an empty heart and a full bag of dog food. Many people shared their condolences with Brose and her husband, but nothing seemed to cheer her up. Despite her sorrows, Brose knew she had to do something about the unopened bag … Read more

Family Finally Receives $ 150,000 Settlement After Service Dogs Were Shot By Police

Animal lovers across the nation were outraged when the surveillance video of two dogs being shot by a police officer in Minneapolis made its way across the internet back in 2017. But now, the city has finally approved a settlement to the family who filed a lawsuit. Officer Michael Mays was responding to a burglary … Read more

Container-Loving Cat Receives Amazing Gift From His Humans

An adorable orange tabby named Oliver has earned his owner, Robin, over 100,000 followers on TikTok by sharing his hilarious, quirky antics. Robin rescued Oliver from the streets of Nashville when he was just a newborn – his eyes weren’t even open yet! Baby Oliver was very sick at the time of his rescue, and … Read more

Veterinary Clinic Receives Backlash and Death Threats After Story Goes Viral

Veterinary Clinic Receives Backlash and Death Threats After Story Goes Viral Employees of Maine Veterinary Medical Center are asking for support after coming under attack on social media. Staff at the emergency veterinary clinic are thought to be receiving death threats after a story (which first aired on WGME-TV) went viral. In the story, the … Read more

Veteran Whose Service Dog Was Killed During Wrongful Arrest Receives A New Puppy

Updated 12/15/21: Joshua Rohrer, the homeless Iraq War veteran whose service dog was hit and killed by a car following his arrest, was recently gifted a puppy by a local good Samaritan. Rohrer is now a doting dog dad to little Justice Rae, a playful Belgian Malinois puppy. The special little pup’s name was carefully … Read more