30 Cows Come to the Rescue to Help Orphaned Seal Return Home

An orphaned seal pup named “Celebration” was only a few days old when her mother was separated from her in July. Her discovery on land was not made by humans, which makes for an unexpected and interesting occurrence. She was found by a herd of 30 cows who had gathered to watch the unexpected visitor. … Read more

Woman Tries To Return Deceased Dog’s Food, But Receives Surprise Instead

When rescue dog Gus passed away unexpectedly, his mom Anna Brose was left with an empty heart and a full bag of dog food. Many people shared their condolences with Brose and her husband, but nothing seemed to cheer her up. Despite her sorrows, Brose knew she had to do something about the unopened bag … Read more

Let’s Vet Together for September return

Colin Whiting (front) with delegates. Students and veterinary professionals of all ages – and their families – came together for a fun weekend for the “Let’s Vet Together” event. Promoted through Facebook student support and virtual EMS group VetWings, the festival was held across three days on the platinum jubilee weekend and attracted 120 people … Read more

Thief Sends Threatening Video Of Stolen Yorkie In Cage But Refuses To Return Him

Avery the Yorkie has lived with Raquel Witherspoon for three years. Witherspoon said the dog is like a son to her 12-year-old daughter, so she’s a proud canine grandmother. However, she never expected her family to be the next victim of the rising dog thefts. Witherspoon said that Avery doesn’t normally go outside alone, but … Read more

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Posts Emotional Plea For Her Stolen Dog’s Return

14-year-old Molly Birch was devastated when someone stole her seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Archie. Archie has been with the family since he was a puppy, so he and Molly have a special bond. Molly has cerebral palsy, which affects a person’s ability to move and balance. While Archie isn’t a service dog, she still supports … Read more

‘A sacred responsibility’: Yurok Tribe poised to return condors to the skies | California

Tucked among tall redwood trees in a remote part of northern California, four young California condors await their chance to take to the skies. The fluffy juveniles – housed in a facility where they playfully peck at each other and jump between perches – will help usher in a new era. Referred to as prey-go-neesh … Read more

Dognapper Demands $ 650 To Return Woman’s Stolen Pup

Pam Highsmith was devastated when her Maltipoo named Macy escaped her yard in Savannah, Georgia. As she was chasing her furry friend, a car pulled over. Someone got out of the car, grabbed Macy, and sped off. A few neighbors also witnessed the tragic dog-napping. For a while, Highsmith was devastated and didn’t know what … Read more

Legendary Elk Beheaded in the Rocky Mountains; Vowed to ‘Return to the Earth’

Officials said a legendary elk in northern Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Nature Reserve had its head and antlers removed after it died. The “majestic” bull elk, dubbed “Kahuna,” “Bruno,” or “Big Thirds,” was a popular tourist attraction within the natural forest, thanks to his huge, unique antlers, which made him a desirable target for photographers. The … Read more