Study Shows How Prehistoric Marine Vampire Terrorized the Deep Back Then

A dangerous ‘vampire’ predator that lurked in Earth’s waters more than 160 million years ago most likely did, in some ways, suck its prey. Ancient Relative (Photo: Image from Carl Chun)Vampire Squid A recent study of extremely well-preserved fossils of Vampyronassa rhodanica, a tiny mollusk related to current vampire squids (neither vampires nor squids), reveals … Read more

“Earth is Alive” – ​​Viral Footage Shows Creepy ‘Gates of Hell’ in Underwater Volcano

During an underwater volcano exploration, volcanic chimneys that resemble the “gates of hell” were captured on camera by divers for the UNESCO 1Ocean Expedition. 1Ocean Expedition Alexis Rosenfeld, an explorer and photographer, captured footage of a volcanic island just off the coast of Panarea, which is close to Sicily in Italy. The footage was taken … Read more

Study Shows that Saltier Ocean Could Prevent Earth From Freezing

The study may have answered the mystery of the feeble young sun, which glowed 20% brighter in Archean eras. Even though the Sun burned 20% brighter on early Earth, fossil evidence suggests that our planet had warm, shallow oceans where stromatolites – microbial mats – flourished. New research may have solved the “faint young Sun … Read more

Study Shows How Residents from Public Housing Experiences Higher Levels of Air Pollution

According to a study, inhabitants of public housing had greater levels of air pollution. (Photo: Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay) Inter-Institutional Study According to an inter-institutional study headed by a researcher from The University of Texas at El Paso and published in Scientific Reports, residents in public housing throughout the United States are exposed … Read more

Study Shows the Gelatin Substance From the Skin of Pacific Whiting Has the Power To Prevent Wrinkles

According to a new Oregon State University study, the gelatin in the skin of Pacific whiting, a common fish on the North America Pacific Coast, may help reduce skin wrinkling caused by UV exposure. Pacific Whiting’s anti-aging properties (Photo: MYCHELE DANIAU / AFP via Getty Images) The mild, white flesh fish commonly known as … Read more

Recent Study Shows that Social Isolation is Linked to Changes in Brain Structure

As shown in the cognitive neuroscience theory, the neural network has developed expressly to enable socialization. Experts Associate Brain Structure to Social Isolation According to research, participating in a club might greatly enhance happiness and overall contentment. However, countless individuals are unhappy and otherwise excluded from society. And, if the nervous system truly evolved for … Read more

Study Shows that Protected Areas Aren’t Always Beneficial to Endangered Species

According to the broadest ever global examination of their impacts, national parks, and other protected areas have had mixed effectiveness in saving species. (Photo: Photo credit: MOISE GOMIS / AFP via Getty Images) Analyzing Thousands of Data Scientists analyzed the patterns of more than 27,000 populations of wetland birds using data from 1,506 protected areas … Read more

Incredible Video Shows Service Dog Protecting Mom During A Seizure

In 2001, Tina started having migraines and seizures at age 23. She went to countless doctors and neurologists, hoping to find some medication to help. Sadly, even regular injections don’t completely stop the seizures. In 2018, a devastating seizure wiped Tina’s memory, causing her to lose the first 40 years of her life. Not only … Read more

Study Shows How a Noisy Ocean Hurts its Inhabitants

Noise pollution is an invisible threat to ocean wildlife, but it is a major – and often fatal – threat. There’s almost no place in the world’s oceans where human sounds aren’t detectable, just as there’s hardly a mountaintop free of the roar of overhead airplanes. Military sonar, oil exploration, and industrial shipping are the … Read more

US Weather Forecast Shows Risk of Severe Thunderstorms, Critical Fire Weather, and Heavy Snow This Weekend: NOAA – NWS

Extreme weather conditions, including thunderstorms, fire weather, and snow are expected again across the country, as per the latest forecast by US meteorologists. Heavy rain and flooding, as well as life-threatening and disruptive risks, are also at stake. Latest Short-Range Forecast (Photo: Photo by Andrew Theodorakis / Getty Images) The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration … Read more