Recent Study Shows that Social Isolation is Linked to Changes in Brain Structure

As shown in the cognitive neuroscience theory, the neural network has developed expressly to enable socialization. Experts Associate Brain Structure to Social Isolation According to research, participating in a club might greatly enhance happiness and overall contentment. However, countless individuals are unhappy and otherwise excluded from society. And, if the nervous system truly evolved for … Read more

‘Put Yourself in Comfortable Positions Where You Can Stretch Yourself’ How Dr. Lauren Smith Transformed Her Own Social Anxiety Into A Platform To Help Others

We all know how difficult the medical and scientific aspect of veterinary medicine is, but what we often forget is the social, communication, and leadership skills that are also needed to be a successful veterinarian. One woman who knows this better than most, is the founder of The Vetitude, Dr. Lauren Smith. From battling her … Read more

21 Social Media Posts About Cats & Dogs Deemed Guilty Of Being Cute & Funny

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From Veterinary Leader to Social Media Sensation, Dr. Matthew McGlasson’s Journey Through Veterinary Medicine

Finding the joy in veterinary medicine can sometimes be tricky, from burnout to imposter syndrome, the veterinarian news can at times look quite bleak. One man who’s changing that narrative and challenging the status quo is veterinarian and social media sensation Dr. Matt McGlasson. In this article, we interviewed Dr. Matt, found out why he … Read more