Sunspot Facing Earth Continues to Grow in Size; Space Weather Authorities Say ‘No Need to Panic’

Sunspot Active Region 3038 or AR3038 has been persistent when it comes to doubling its size and growing even more as a well-known dark area on the Sun’s surface. Previous reports have suggested that it could hurl a massive solar flare since it is facing Earth, potentially disrupting radio frequencies, satellite signals, and even power … Read more

A Massive Solar Flare Can Affect Everyone’s Electricity, Phones Even the Internet

The Sun is necessary for the life of plants and humans on Earth; however, this massive energy source has the potential to destroy all forms of technology on the planet, including the world’s greatest communication system. Major solar flare (Photo: NASA / Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images) Solar flares, which are quite massive … Read more

Massive Sunspot Could Potentially Fire a Powerful Solar Flare Towards Earth

Sunspots are known for their presence on the Sun’s surface as circular or planet-size regions. Their size varies depending on the region, with some smaller or larger than the others. In the latest space developments, a giant sunspot facing Earth has been detected. The sunspot is known as AR3038 and is reportedly being monitored by … Read more

A ‘Canyon of Fire’ Erupted Out of the Sun’s Atmosphere

Powerful streams of magnetized solar wind were released in the sun’s surface on Sunday, April 3, potentially bringing more auroras to Earth later this week. The solar filament that escaped from a fiery canyon was said to be at least 12,400 miles (20,000 kilometers) deep and 10 times as long. According to LiveScience, the ‘canyon … Read more

Can a Solar Flare Be Powerful Enough to Wipe Out All Life on Earth?

Solar flares coincide yet are part of our Sun’s recurring 11-year cycle, divided into the minimum and maximum phases. Depending on the phase, the occurrence of solar activities such as solar storms mostly triggers the rate of solar flares. A manifestation of an explosive solar storm in our solar system’s only star, solar flares have … Read more