Thief Sends Threatening Video Of Stolen Yorkie In Cage But Refuses To Return Him

Avery the Yorkie has lived with Raquel Witherspoon for three years. Witherspoon said the dog is like a son to her 12-year-old daughter, so she’s a proud canine grandmother. However, she never expected her family to be the next victim of the rising dog thefts. Witherspoon said that Avery doesn’t normally go outside alone, but … Read more

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Posts Emotional Plea For Her Stolen Dog’s Return

14-year-old Molly Birch was devastated when someone stole her seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Archie. Archie has been with the family since he was a puppy, so he and Molly have a special bond. Molly has cerebral palsy, which affects a person’s ability to move and balance. While Archie isn’t a service dog, she still supports … Read more

Stolen Service Dog And Heartbroken Human Share Beautiful Reunion

Aaron Morris and his service dog Jolene are inseparable. Morris struggles with his mental health, so his loving Pit Bull is always there to comfort him. Without Jolene, Morris feels lost and heartbroken. One day, his worst nightmare came to life. Someone stole his car, which had his phone, medications, and Jolene inside it! All … Read more

One Of Two Dogs Stolen At Gunpoint Has Been Found, One Still Missing

Earlier this month, two separate sets of dog parents in the DC area were targeted in a terrifying dognapping scheme. A group of four males cornered the pet parents at gunpoint, forcing them to hand over their beloved pups. Rick Oleka and Abby Sevcik were walking their beloved Australian Shepherd puppy named Pablo when something … Read more

Dognapper Demands $ 650 To Return Woman’s Stolen Pup

Pam Highsmith was devastated when her Maltipoo named Macy escaped her yard in Savannah, Georgia. As she was chasing her furry friend, a car pulled over. Someone got out of the car, grabbed Macy, and sped off. A few neighbors also witnessed the tragic dog-napping. For a while, Highsmith was devastated and didn’t know what … Read more