Study Estimates Productivity of Mangrove Carbon Storage Using Remote Sensing Model

A model that has been created by researchers can calculate the mangrove forests’ overall production. A productivity model based on remote sensing that took tidal flood into account was created. The model was able to predict the productivity of mangrove forests in China with high accuracy, according to comparisons with carbon readings from carbon flux … Read more

Study: Fossil Dunes in Abu Dhabi is Created by Climate Change Dating 200,000 Years Ago

About an hour’s drive southeast of Abu Dhabi’s city limits, in the direction of the emirate’s barren deserts, is a landscape full of unexpected man-made structures. A stunning oasis-like wetland reserve was produced by a water treatment facility overspill in the Al Wathba area. More along carefully planted tree-lined roads, there is the bizarre sight … Read more

New Study Designs an Improvement for 46,752 Tree Species That Are Under Substantial Pressure and Poorly Protected

An international team of researchers has revealed that many types of trees are significantly under pressure and poorly secured in new global research of more than 46,000 types of trees. The significance of trees for environmental cooperation like sequestering carbon makes protecting the diversity of trees on Earth a top sustainability priority. Examining a recently … Read more

Study Shows How Prehistoric Marine Vampire Terrorized the Deep Back Then

A dangerous ‘vampire’ predator that lurked in Earth’s waters more than 160 million years ago most likely did, in some ways, suck its prey. Ancient Relative (Photo: Image from Carl Chun)Vampire Squid A recent study of extremely well-preserved fossils of Vampyronassa rhodanica, a tiny mollusk related to current vampire squids (neither vampires nor squids), reveals … Read more

Largest study reveals most common disorders in UK hamsters

The largest study of its kind has revealed the 20 most common disorders in hamsters, most prominent causes of death and the average lifespan as 1.75 years. Findings for one of the world’s most popular small pets are the latest to be revealed under the RVC’s VetCompass project, and aim to help owners better understand … Read more

Study Shows that Saltier Ocean Could Prevent Earth From Freezing

The study may have answered the mystery of the feeble young sun, which glowed 20% brighter in Archean eras. Even though the Sun burned 20% brighter on early Earth, fossil evidence suggests that our planet had warm, shallow oceans where stromatolites – microbial mats – flourished. New research may have solved the “faint young Sun … Read more

Spread of ‘free-range’ farming may raise risk of animal-borne pandemics – study | Farming

The industrial farming of animals such as pigs, poultry and cattle to provide meat for hundreds of millions of people may reduce the risk of pandemics and the emergence of dangerous diseases including Sars, BSE, bird flu and Covid-19 compared with less-intensive farming , a major study by vets and ecologists has found. Despite reports … Read more

Study Shows How Residents from Public Housing Experiences Higher Levels of Air Pollution

According to a study, inhabitants of public housing had greater levels of air pollution. (Photo: Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay) Inter-Institutional Study According to an inter-institutional study headed by a researcher from The University of Texas at El Paso and published in Scientific Reports, residents in public housing throughout the United States are exposed … Read more

Study reveals most common disorders of pet hamsters – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The RVC has published new research which has revealed the 20 most common disorders and the typical lifespan of pet hamsters. The study1the largest in the world to date, investigated anonymised veterinary clinical records of a random sample of almost 4,000 hamsters. The three most common hamster species were Syrian (golden) hamster (73.5%), Djungarian (winter … Read more