Queensland Will Experience a Cloudy, Cold, and Rainy Weather for the Rest of the Week

After months of rainy weather, farms in the Lockyer Valley in southeast Queensland are just now beginning to dry up; thus, expectations for further rain this week’s end are causing some farmers anxiety. Due to an upper trough moving east through Queensland, the Bureau of Meteorology predicted that by the weekend there will be more … Read more

Monkey Sharpens Knife, Terrorizes Brazilian Town for a Week

A knife-wielding monkey has reportedly terrorized the town of Corrente in Piaui state, Brazil, for a week. The details about the small primate emerged when a video was posted online showing it brandishing its blunt weapon in a brick wall. A local captured the bizarre situation, which appeared that the simian posed a threat to … Read more

Rare Planetary Alignment to be Impressively Visible This Week

This week’s stunning sky has five celestial bodies marching through the morning light horizon. This Week’s Rare Planetary Alignment During the beginning of June, this unusual astronomical configuration has so far been observable. However, the spectacle ought to be especially spectacular this week, when Mercury is at its brightest as well as the declining crescent … Read more

Metro Detroit Ends Week in Comfortable Weather

According to Click On Detroit meteorologist Brandon Roux, the region will experience comfortably cooler air for one more day, calling it a “June treat.” Forecasts indicate that the skies will remain clear and that the humidity will not be a problem because Metro Detroit is expecting another very nice warming temperature later today, which will … Read more

Heat Wave to Hit the Midwest and Southern United States Next Week, Reaching 100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Heat wave will engulf the Midwest and the Southern United States next week as temperatures could reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, according to the latest US weather forecast. Cities such as St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; and Raleigh, North Carolina are one of the areas most at risk from scorching temperatures. US … Read more

Central US Remains Under Persistent Second Wave of Heat Dome, Reaching 110 Degrees for the Week

Meteorologists predicted weather this week, saying that a massive heat dome will spin like a giant wheel across the central US, with the most persistent extreme temperatures centered over the southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley region. Extreme temperatures will reach well into the 90 to 100 degrees in many parts of the central US … Read more

A Four-Planet Alignment and The Moon is About to Line Up in the Sky Starting This Week

This week, four planets, namely Venus, Mars, Jupiter, as well as Saturn, will meet in a spectacular cosmic procession. The Anticipated Four-Planet Alignment in The Sky As per Live Science, the Moon would accompany the four celestial bodies during the last week of April. The heavenly joy first appeared on the 17thth of April and … Read more

UK Easter Weather Forecast: After a Chilly Start of the Week, Temperatures Might Surge to Over 20 ° C

On Wednesday, April 13th, in the run-up to the long Easter weekend, the southeast of England will be hit by a warm spell, with temperatures reaching 19C – a few degrees over typical for this time of year. Temperatures in the Midlands will range from 13 to 14 degrees Celsius, with temperatures in the northeast … Read more

Rabbit Awareness Week will start on 27th June – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The Rabbit Awareness Action Group, led by Burgess Pet Care, has announced that this year’s Rabbit Awareness Week will start on the 27th June and focus on rabbits ’environment. The ‘Room For Rabbits’ campaign follows research in which 38% of vets said they think rabbits’ environment is the most neglected welfare need1with over a quarter … Read more