Dry Thunderstorms in California may Spark More Wildfires

The combination of tropical moisture and an offshore storm will increase thunderstorm activity throughout parts of California on Wednesday and Thursday. While a couple of the storms may wet certain places, AccuWeather meteorologists warn that most of the storms will have little or no rain and may cause a rise in wildfires. (Photo: Photo by … Read more

Hot Weather Scorches Central US While Alaska’s Wildfires in June Breaks Records

The Southern Plains, the Mississippi Valley, the Great Lakes, and the Deep South are all experiencing scorching temperatures for the third week in a row, which has affected most of the country. Heatwave in the central US (Photo: Lance King / Getty Images) 11 major cities set daily heat records to begin the week, … Read more

Health Risks from Western Wildfires Spread Across the United States: Scientists Warn

Wildfires in the western United States have become a commonplace over the years. In fact, the drought-stricken region has witnessed frequent and devastating wildland fires affecting California and other areas, especially during the summer season. Some of these fires were previously blamed for causing widespread air pollution, and for posing health threats due to toxic … Read more

430-Million-Year-Old Charcoal Deposits Reveal the Oldest Wildfires on Record

Researchers have traced the earliest forest fire yet discovered, with 430-million-year-old charred residues discovered in Wales and Poland. The evidences provide significant information on the existence in Earth throughout the Silurian epoch. Oldest Wildfires Discovered Through Charcoal Deposits Organic matter might well have relied greatly on freshwater to proliferate earlier too and therefore had quite … Read more

Wildfires Cause a ‘New Peak to Air Pollution’ in the Pacific Northwest and Unhealthy Air Pollutants: New Study

Wildfires have been occurring in the drought-stricken region of the Western US for years. A new study claimed that smoke from these fires has contributed to air pollution due to its unhealthy air pollutants, threatening millions of lives and undermining previous climatic and environmental efforts. Western Wildfires (Photo: Photo by Joaquin Meabe / Getty Images) … Read more

New Fire Weather Warning Issued for the Rocky Mountains, Surrounding Areas Until April 20: Three Wildfires Reported in Texas

Wildfires pose a threat once again to the Southwest US as weather authorities issued a new fire weather warning in the Rockies and its surrounding areas. In Texas, three separate wildfires have erupted over recent days, which highlights the risk of similar natural events in other areas across the region. Fire Weather Warning (Photo: Photo … Read more

Blazing Wildfire in Turkey That Almost Wiped Out Forest Finally Under Control

According to local officials in a Turkish town in the south, forest fires that erupted in two areas early Monday have been brought under control. When flames flared in two portions of a forest in Dörtyol, a town in the southern Turkish province of Hatay, around one hour after midnight, villagers called the firefighters. Immediate … Read more

Techniques on Dealing With Wildfires May Help Mosquito Problem

For decades, George Wuerthner was surrounded by mosquitoes, sometimes in almost unimaginable numbers. Though he has observed swarms of mosquitoes in the lower 48 states — the Everglades, for example — nothing compares to the Wuerthner insect storm experienced in the Far North. (Photo: MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP via Getty Images) Backpack Adventures Wuerthner remembers … Read more