Zoo Guest Captures Frightening Moment Dog Enters Gorilla Enclosure

UPDATE 6/23/2022 – The San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) named the dog “Mighty Joe Young” after his crazy adventure in the gorilla enclosure. They gave him a health checkup and neutered him. He was scared and had a few ticks, but other than that, he was in good shape. Now, Might Joe Young’s owner has … Read more

Puggle — a Baby Short-beaked Echidna — Hatches at Brookfield Zoo

First Time Egg-Laying Mammal, Hatches at Zoo Brookfield, Ill. – The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, is happy to announce the hatching of a short-beaked echidna (pronounced ih · KID · nuh). The hatching of this baby echidna, which is called a puggle, is a first in the zoo’s history. Echidnas is very … Read more

Rare Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkey Born At Chester Zoo

One of the world’s most endangered primates has been born at Chester Zoo. The rare baby cotton-top tamarin monkey arrived to first time parents Treat (3) and Leo (5), measuring just 10cm from head to tail and weighing a mere 40g. Conservationists at the zoo say they are “overjoyed” at birth, with cotton-top tamarins listed … Read more

Squirrel Monkey Baby Boom at Taronga Zoo Sydney!

Taronga Zoo Sydney is thrilled to announce the birth of six Bolivian Squirrel Monkey babies, bringing the total number of individuals at Taronga Zoo Sydney to 24. Typical of the species, the six babies were born in close succession over the past fortnight, with the sixth and final baby arriving last Thursday 24March, just ahead … Read more

Jumping For Joy! ‘Miniature Kangaroo’ Joey Born At Chester Zoo

Conservationists at Chester Zoo are celebrating the birth of a rare ‘miniature kangaroo’. Zookeepers caught on camera the moment the new joey – a dusky pademelon – started to peek out from mum’s pouch for the very first time. MORE PHOTOS BELOW THE FOLD! The dusky pademelon is a species with a close likeness to … Read more

Under Constant Russian Fire, Ukrainian Zoo Predators Faced Possible Euthanasia

In Ukraine, thousands are dead, millions have fled the country, and so many innocent citizens huddle in homes and bomb shelters, praying the structures withstand the relentless Russian barrage. The violence continues with blasts leveling residential quarters, businesses, and even zoos and wildlife parks. Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv is one of these zoos. Because of … Read more